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Neighbours Episode 3459 from 2000 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 3459
Australian airdate: 03/02/00
UK airdate: 09/03/00
UK Gold: 28/04/05
Writer: Jeff Truman
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Geri Hallett: Isabella Dunwill
Nadia Hall: Paige Alcock
Dione Bliss: Madeleine West
Vanessa Bradshaw: Julieanne Tait
Jeff Greenwood: Brad Flynn
Max Kingston: Micah Demmert
Todd Erins: Jamie Robertson
- "Flowers" by Janine Maunder
- "Miracle" by Dom Cincotta
- "One Good Reason" by Tim Watson
- "Keep On My Side" by Ammonia
Summary/Images by: Tracy C
Libby reminding Geri that she wrote the story and Geri replying that there will be hell to pay if she doesn't get the credit.
No. 30
Joel and Toadie are getting ready to go out, all nicely dressed up in suites. As part of their scheme, they agree to be film producers for the night.
Ramsay Street
Joe and Lyn are admiring a sports car parked in the street when Joel and Toadie come out and say it is theirs, well for the night anyway. Lyn is a bit puzzled, so Joe fills her in. Joel and Toadie argue over who drives and eventually they decide that Toadie will drive there and Joel on the way home. Toadie smirks since he will get to drink alcohol but Joe reminds them both that they've got a cricket match tomorrow and not to overdo things.
Lou's Place
Libby and Geri are arguing over who did the most important thing in the story to get the credit before Geri tells her she will check with Simon. Libby tells Geri that she has an attitude towards her since she is going out with Drew, which Geri denies and gives a snide comment in return.

Joe and Lyn come into the pub and hold an impromptu cricket meeting with Steph, Bill and Drew - reminding them like he did with Joel and Toadie to get an early night. Bill says that Joel and Toadie are off to Foxy's and they all wonder why they are going there as it is out of their league.
Joel and Toadie have changed their occupations again - they are now IT specialists in their bid to chat up a lady. She isn't impressed though, telling them to get new suits and a decent haircut!
Lou's Place
Joe is still talking cricket and building Steph up as a great player before telling them all to get an early night. Drew defies him to continue his drink with Libby. She is annoyed with Geri, so he tells her that Geri is all talk and to ignore her but Libby reminds him that she has to work with her every day/
Joel and Toadie are eyeing up two ladies, and them likewise, so they venture over. They've given up on being IT specialists with Joel now being Jose Sanchez, an Argentinean footballer! The ladies are pleased to meet Jose, so Joel puts on a false accent, which results in the ladies buying them a drink!

The ladies are well and truly believing the boys stories, with Toadie being a partner in his brother's law firm and that his family won cattle and breed their own ponies. Joel is finding things difficult, as Jose doesn't speak Australian and Toadie adds that he is shy too. The conversation gets round to the ladies background. Apparently they are sisters, no twins! Dione is a model and Vanessa a fashion designer! Toadie, since Joel can't talk, asks what brings them to the club. Apparently, they've just inherited a large amount of money from their Gran and come to places like this all the time. Joel and Toadie's eyes light up, seeing $$$ signs before their eyes.
No. 30
Joel and Toadie have obviously impressed the girls until they get them back to Ramsay Street where their pad is a bit of a mess. Joel quickly goes to tidy up and Toadie explains that he's just bought the place and his architect is coming round next week. The ladies go to powder their noses and Joel just about kills Toadie for taking them back especially as he can't talk to them, so Toadie tells him to use the international language of love!
No. 26
Joe can't sleep, so he's watching West Ham United play on the TV. Steph joins him and they wonder if Jack is at the game. Joe again builds Steph up to being a great cricket player, like her brother is going to be in football. Lyn comes out and reminds them not just of the time (1am) but that he told the team to get an early night so she orders them to bed!
Ramsay Street
The noise of a party can be heard coming from Number 30.
The cricket is in progress and they get the opposition out for 149 but Joe isn't impressed at the number of runs they got or at his team's performance, Joel and Toadie especially. He gives them a pep talk saying they can win the match, especially with Steph as star player but Steph doesn't look comfortable at that thought.
Lou's Place
Geri comes in snidely commenting about Libby working behind the bar but Libby doesn't bite. Geri mentions that she spoke to Simon about her story, which surprises Libby, and the outcome is that they both have to share the credit. Dione and Vanessa come in wanting cocktails - a Roman holiday and a Latin lover! Whilst Libby checks the cocktail book, they begin to chat about last night and Geri's ears pick up at the 'famous Argentinean football player', so she interrupts wanting details and after introducing herself she chats to them.
The cricket match is progressing well since they are 98 for 4, until Drew is bowled out. Jeff replaces him but he too is out on his second ball after it is caught somewhere in the field/pitch/whatever it is called! Steph makes her way out and the opposition make some sexist comments until she shows them what a good player she is. Bill is bowled out and Toadie replaces him but not for long as he is out for a duck. It is Joel's turn now with the score at 138 for 8 but he too is still a bit delicate and is bowled out with his first ball.
Lou's Place
Dione and Vanessa are chatting about their night with Geri asking questions and taking notes. It eventually comes out that the guys they picked up live in 30 Ramsay Street, so Geri asks them to describe the blokes. Once they do that, she tells them that she has some news for them!
With the score at 148 for 9 and needing only 2 more runs to win, Steph is bowled out much to everyone's disappointment, Joe especially.
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