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Neighbours Episode 2392 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2392
Australian airdate: 23/05/95
UK airdate: 15/01/96
UK Gold: 01/01/02
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Richard Jasek
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Bianca tells Annalise that her mother didn't want to know her when she visited.
Hannah tries to steal copies of Ambrosia from the newsagent to protect Lucy's reputation.
Helen and Reuben have arrived back from honeymoon to an empty house! They discuss where they'll live. Helen is worried about leaving Lucy and Hannah. She tells Reuben that Hannah is coming up to a difficult age.
Just then, Phil and Hannah come storming in. Phil sends Hannah to her room until she's prepared to tell him about the situation with the magazines.
Phil tells Helen that Hannah was trying to steal copies of Ambrosia, much to Helen's shock.
Lassiter's Lake
Brett asks Bianca what happened with her mum and Bianca admits that she didn't want to know her. She went up to her mother in the street and she walked off without saying a word. She tried again by going to her house. But her mother slammed the door in her face. Brett is very sympathetic. Bianca says she felt like such a failure, but Brett says it says more about her mother than about Bianca. He promises not to tell anyone and gives Bianca a hug. They nearly kiss. Brett pulls back, but Bianca says it's OK and they start kissing for real. (I see they have put Bianca on a step so she can reach Brett!)
Helen says maybe there was a special article that Hannah wanted to read. Maybe Hannah wanted to look at photos of older women, now that she's developing herself. Phil won't have any of this. Helen says Phil shouldn't sell the magazine in his newsagency if he feels so strongly about it!
Coffee Shop
Jen is making a house of cars which Stonie promptly knocks over. She's going for the world record attempt at Uni.
When Stonie has gone to buy the drinks, Jen observes that Stonie and Cody are getting close. Cody protests, but not as vehemently as she has previously.
Phil and Helen have told LUcy about the Ambrosia-stealing incident. She is puzzled too.
Hannah comes out, saying that she's ready to talk. She says she stole the magazines on a dare. Phil tells Hannah that he thought she had more sense. He tells her there'll be no riding for a month as punishment.
Hannah protests, but Lucy says she should quit while she's ahead. She starts having a go at Hannah about encouraging boys to read magazines that degrade women.
HANNAH: How can you be such a hypocrite?
She runs off angrily to her room.
Sam has written a poem for the competition. He gives it secretly to Brett to give to Lou.
Everyone sits down to dinner, including Brett, Cody and Stonie. Marlene moans that she's single - she needs to find someone rich and good-looking for herself!
Marlene gives Biance a cheque for $2,500 - Bianca's share of the jewellery they found. She's stunned.
Marlene asks again about Bianca's mum, but everyone quickly changes the subject.
Jen is trying to make a house of cards again. Helen and Reuben are just leaving for Reuben's place. Hannah tells Helen that she'll miss her. Phil says he's happy for himself and Hannah to move out instead, but Helen won't hear of it.
The phone rings and it's Mark calling for Lucy. She comes to the phone and eventually agrees to meet him.
LUCY: I'm just popping out for a while.
HANNAH: (quietly) I hope you stay out.
Helen can't understand why Hannah is upset with Lucy.
Lucy tells Mark that they have nothing to say to each other. She says she's tired of men letting her down. But Mark tells her that he's very attracted to her - he felt uncomfortable at the cottage. Now he can't see her so much - he doesn't trust himself to handle himself properly. Lucy smiles a bit.
Coffee Shop, the following morning
Helen tells Reuben that she'll really miss living at the Martins - the family is such a close one.
Annalise comes in and sits at a table with Sam and Bianca. She's got her plane ticket. Sam, of course, is not impressed. He sadly asks her to send him a card every now and then.
Cody is having a "Clean Out Rick" day (charming) and chucking his clothes out(!)
Annalise comes in and tells Marlene that she's picked up her plane ticket. Now Sam is upset, so she is upset.
A lady comes to the door looking for Bianca. She introduces herself to Marlene as Claudia Marcazani, Bianca's mother.
Martin's letterbox
Lucy opens a letter made from newspaper clipping "Would you like your family and nieghbours [sic] to see more?" and a photo of her from Ambrosia magazine. She is very upset.
Just then Stonefish comes up looking for Cody and Lucy snaps at him.
Lassiter's Lake
Reuben and Helen are having a sit down in the gazebo. They talk about Garnet and Reuben's relationship. Reuben says he's very proud of Garnet. Helen says if they were that close, Reuben would have told him about his heart condition. She says he's not being fair to Garnet.
Ramsay Street
Bianca and Sam are talking about Annalise's trip. Bianca thinks that Sam should let Annalise pay for him to go on the trip. Bianca very generously offers Sam her $2,500. He thanks her, but says he can't.
Bianca's mother is about to leave. Marlene tells her that it's not too late for Claudia to be a mother to Bianca.
Bianca arrives home at that moment, and is not at all pleased to see her mother. Without a word, she runs out.
Lassiter's Lake
Cody and Stonefish are having a picnic. Stonie tells Cody that even though he's repeating year 12, he's not dumb, he just has to put his mind to things. He tells Cody that in short, he's good enough for her. Cody smiles and they kiss.
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