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Neighbours Episode 2329 from 1995 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 2329
Australian airdate: 23/02/1995
UK airdate: 18/10/1995
UK Gold: 04/10/2001
Writer: Jenny Lewis
Director: Geoff Hunt
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Libby is developing her own photos.
Sam tells Annalise that he'll be sad to see her go overseas.
Marlene offers to help out at the Youth Centre Market.
Rick asks Cody to move to Darwin with him - he's been offered a job there.
Number 30
Rick is excited about the job and really wants Cody to come with him. However, she says she needs time to think about it - it's far away, hot and wet. Rick counters that it's great and her family are there too. Cody says that Erinsborough is her home and her friends are all her, also she's committed to her Uni course. She doesn't think she'll be able to transfer, but she'll try. Rick looks a bit downcast - what if she can't transfer?
Youth Centre
Ren is pricing her lotions and perfumes for sale at the market. She's really enthusiastic about the project. She congratulates Mark on his work for the Youth Centre.
Billy and Toadie creep in covered in mud. They claim they've been working on a project on mud samples! Karl asks why Toadie isn't with his family in West Waratah so he slopes off. Billy insists to Karl that there's nothing wrong with Toadie but Karl says mud-wrestling isn't normal! Billy shouts at Karl for being a snob.
Number 30
Ren and Mark comes round to see how Rick went. Ren thinks that Rick and Cody are getting married - she thought that was the big question! Rick explains that he just asked Cody to move to Darwin with him - he has to be up there in two weeks, so he'll be moving out, even if Cody doesn't come with him.
Youth Centre Market
Ren, Marlene and Danni are selling stuff at the market. Marlene is shouting through a megaphone (even though the room is very small!) Mark is selling raffle tickets with his friend.
Cody is telling Phil and Helen about Rick's job. She says she might be able to transfer - she's waiting for a phonecall.
The phone rings and Cody runs to answer it while Phil helps Helen pack some stuff for the market. Cody comes back and tells them that she can't transfer - she has to stay in Erinsborough or give up medicine.
Karl is making sure that Libby and Billy pitch in with the housework while Susan is running the Coffee Shop.
There's a knock on the door and Karl opens it to Toadie. Karl isn't pleased to see him and says that Billy is busy. Toadie says he'll give him a hand with his chores. Libby tries to calm Karl down.
LIBBY: Dad, Dad! Toadie's fine.
KARL: Compared to what? Black Plague?
Libby tells Karl off for being a snob and says that he should give Toadie the benefit of the doubt.
Number 30
Cody tells Rick that she doesn't know what to do. Rick says he has to take the job - it's his big chance and it's something he's always wanted. Cody feels the same way about her studies. They tell each other they want to be together, but it doesn't seem possible.
Youth Centre Market
Helen has put some paintings up for sale but she tells Marlene they are rubbish.
Mark is talking to his friend about her work in third world countries. He says that Mark's work is important too - he's making a difference in Erinsborough. Mark's work is just as rewarding as hers. She says it's important to do good work in their own back yard too as well as look to overseas.
Sam asks Marlene to take over selling raffle tickets for a while - he needs a break.
Coffee Shop
Cody has drawn up a list of reasons to go to Darwin and is reading them to Jen. The only pros of going are Rick and her family. Jen tells her that she should take her time over the decision because it will affect the rest of her life.
Number 24
Sam is brooding and Marlene tries to get him to talk about things. She knows he's upset about Annalise going away. Marlene says that Annalise really cares about her, but thinks she'll be back once she's sorted herself out. Sam think Annalise will forget about Sam Kratz of Erinsborough if she goes away. He thinks Annalise is "the one".
Coffee Shop
Cody doesn't know how to tell Rick that she's staying in Erinsborough. Phil comes in and Cody introduces him to Jen. (Jen Handley) Phil is surprised that Jen is older that Cody and they laugh about it. Phil says he's just off the the Youth Centre market and invites Jen and Cody along. Cody has to go to see Rick, but Jen tags along.
Libby is dressed up in a hat, feather boa and licking a lollipop. She is taking self-timed photos. Karl comes in and accidentally gets in the shot!
Lassiters Lake
Billy and Toadie have escaped chores and are hanging out reading dodgy magazines. Toadie suggests doing something a little bit dangerous - he always does that when he's bored.
Number 30
Cody is showing Rick her list of reasons for staying in Erinsborough. She suggests that he could stay in Erinsborough. He says they could end up hating each other for limiting each other's chances - he just wants to be with her.
Youth Centre Market
Phil and Jen are having a look around and Marlene gives Jen the hard sell on a jar of apricot jam!
Danni and Ren's perfume sales are going well. They laugh about opening a shop together.
Danni asks Billy if he's seen Libby. She goes off to find her so she can take a photo of their stall.
Mark invites Toadie to the Whitsundays but he refuses.
Libby and Danni are off to the market. Karl is hoovering and wants to come along. Libby says she can manage on her own, but Karl won't hear of it!
Phil and Jen are having a drink. Cody comes in and tells them it looks like she and Rick are going to have to separate. She's quite upset. Phil tells her she's doing the right thing, but she says she feels terrible.
Youth Centre Market
Marlene is drawing the raffle. Karl is making Libby are take shots outside, so Danni has to take the photo on her small camera. Brett wins the raffle. Sam sees Toadie stealing something and chases him out. Toadie gets away, but he's put the stolen stuff in Billy's bag, so Billy gets the blame.
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