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Neighbours Episode 1564 from 1991 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 1564
Australian airdate: 14/11/91
UK airdate: 11/11/92
UK Gold: 29/10/98
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Ian Watson
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Surf Shop
Brad and Paige are just getting back from a good morning's surfing. They talk about Paige not being able to make the dinner last night and Paige's excuse isn't really all that clear.
Christina's hospital room
Paul comes in to see Christina and Andrew. Apparently the baby has been checked over by the doctor and everything is OK. Paul is annoyed that neither Caroline or Martin were in the office when he called.
Mrs Huxley's house
Todd calls around to see Rebecca and tells her that he's come to see Rebecca - he been talking to her on the net.
MRS HUXLEY: I'm sorry, Todd. It's sweet of you to call, but I'm afraid you're too late. Rebecca died last night.
Todd is shocked. Mrs Huxley invites him in.
Coffee Shop
Guy comes in for a coffee and sees Brad there. Brad tells him that he's been to a secret surfing beach with his girlfriend and had a great time.
Guy goes into the kitchen to make Brad a smoothie. He tells Brenda that he still can't remember the girl who gave him the other half of the coin. Brenda moans about being single. Guy suggests going to the laundromat(!)
Mrs Huxley's house
Mrs Huxley is telling Todd about Rebecca's great sense of humour. Todd tells her how sorry he is - he was only talking to Rebecca yesterday afternoon. They look at some photos of Rebecca - she a very pretty girl and apparently she was very brave about her illness, getting everything she could out of life.
TODD: Felt like I knew her. I wish I had met her.
MRS HUXLEY: She probably didn't invite you because of the way she looked.
TODD: That wouldn't have mattered. It was her personality I was interested in. I think we could have been good friend.
MRS HUXLEY: Don't feel angry, Todd.
TODD: I'm not angry. I'm sad. The weird thing is that I never really knew her. And I'm going to miss her - a lot.
Christina's Hospital Room
Martin and Caroline have come in to see Christina and Andrew. Caroline tells her all about the sympathy pains she experienced and they coo over the baby. Martin mentions that he has two children, but he hardly sees them since he split from his wife - he misses them.
Coffee Shop
Brenda is dressed up to go to the laundromat(!) She's taking a sexy negligee to put in the washing machine(!)
When Brenda and Guy have gone, Helen comes in. She finds Todd sitting at a table and tells him to get back to school. Todd stands up and tells her firmly that he needs time out.
Brenda is pleased to see three men sitting in the laundry when she arrives. She walks in and drops the underwear on the floor in front of them, but it doesn't appear to have any effect(!)
Christina's hospital room
Helen has come to visit Christina and Andrew. Paul is cross to hear that Martin and Caroline came in to see him together - who was minding the office? Christina points out that they did both work over the weekend!
Helen asks Christina if they've decided on a name yet. Paul tells Christina that she has the final choice because she did all the work - even if she chooses Benito!
CHRISTINA: I have decided on the name I want. What do you think of Andrew?
PAUL: Andrew?
CHRISTINA: Yeah, I've always liked it. And if you don't think three Christian names are too many, we could please everyone with Andrew Paul Benito Robinson.
PAUL: Yeah! Now that's what I call a name!
HELEN:(laughing) I call it First Class diplomacy!
Todd is explaining to Josh that Rebecca has died. He's really upset about crashing her house at such a difficult time. Josh tries to console him but Todd is very upset.
Josh tells Todd that Christina has had her baby. He suggests that they get back on to the computer to see if anyone interesting is on the line. Todd isn't keen - it's too soon for him.
Brenda has been left alone in the laundromat and is looking a bit put-out(!) She starts washing her clothes again!
Christina's hospital room
Paul is talking about enrolling Andrew into the best school but Christina points out that he's only a day old(!) Helen comes in again for a visit and holds Andrew as his "great-grandma"! Paul decides to go back to the office. He tells Christina he's in a fix about Martin - he can't afford to pay him now Caroline is back. He can't afford both of them and he'd rather keep Caroline. Since the contract is water-tight, the only thing he can do is make the conditions too difficult for Martin to stay.
PAUL: I'm going to make his life unbearable - wear him down. In the end he's going to beg to be let go.
CHRISTINA: Paul, that doesn't sound ethical.
PAUL: Maybe not, but it's common business practice and the business comes first.
CHRISTINA: Don't I know it! I won't interfere. You just do what you have to do.
PAUL: I will. The man has got to go and that's all there is to it.
Brenda is drying her clothes for the second time. She sits down with a bearded man and tries to strike up a conversation with him. He doesn't look too impressed, although tells her that his name is Ed. He asks her to dry his clothes while he goes down the pub(!) Brenda files them in the bin instead!
The Office
Caroline and Martin congratulate Paul on Andrew, then Paul asks Caroline for a quiet word. He tells her that he wants Martin to go. He's going to try to get him to resign through making his life unpleasant. Caroline protests that Martin is talented and she is enjoying working with him. And after all, he did give up his job at Parkside Pacific for them! Paul looks suspicious and Caroline is forced to admit that she likes Martin personally.
Christina's hospital room
Helen takes Christina off to the hospital shop. Before they go, Todd apologises about the way he spoke to her this morning. Then he and Josh are left to babysit Andrew. Todd picks the baby up and coos over him.
TODD: Isn't he beautiful? A whole new person waiting to grow up and learn all about life.
JOSH: There's a lot to learn.
TODD: Yeah. It's pretty amazing. I've been depressed all day about a friend dying and here's a new baby - it's like there's a plan to it.
JOSH: I'm sure there is.
TODD: It's miraculous, isn't it.
He coos over the baby again.
Coffee Shop
Guy has enjoyed his first day at work. Brenda tells him that she didn't have any luck at the laundromat - she's decided to become a nun!
Brad comes in with Paige. Guy see them from the kitchen door.
GUY:(to Brenda) That's her! That's Brad and his girlfriend out there. And I know who she is. She's the girl who gave me the coin. She must have broken into the garage and stolen the surf stuff.
BRENDA: Hang on, you don't know that.
GUY: It all ties up now. She's into surfing - Brad told me this morning. She knows all the beaches...
BRENDA: That doesn't mean she's the on that ripped him off.
GUY: Brenda, this has to be the answer. She's the thief!
<<1563 - 1565>>
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