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Neighbours Episode 0406 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0406
Australian airdate: 19/01/1987
UK airdate: 27/05/1988
UK Gold: 23/05/1994
Writer: Ginny Lowndes
Director: Andrew Friedman
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Madge tells Dan that she will do her best to prove that she is worthy of Aunt Maud's money. Dan forcefully tells Shane that his grandmother must not know that he has been to Clive's surgery.
Ramsay House
Madge wonders why Dan was at Clive's surgery; Shane feels it is probably nothing that Dan is just winding her up so that she will toe the line. Madge isn't so sure after all Dan is getting on and after all she has already told Dan that she will do everything she can to get the money. Shane thinks Dan is going to make her earn every cent. Madge is worried about Dan and feels that she should go down to the surgery and see if she can find out what is going on and asks Shane to prepare Dan's lunch.
Shane is rather reluctant as he wants to go and see Jane and tell her what a "big" hero he is for saving Helen. After all if he and Charlene hadn't rescued her she would still be there. Madge insists that he could tell her equally well over the phone and leaves for the surgery.
Paul's office
As the phone rings Susan picks it up...it is Shane calling for Jane. Jane is rather reluctant to talk to him but takes the call. As Jane is speaking to Shane, Clive comes in and whispers to Susan. As Jane comes off the phone she apologises for the phone call saying that it won't happen again. Susan shrugs and replies that Shane can't take no for an answer. Jane says that he just isn't used to knock backs.
Clive invites Jane to come and stay while Mrs Mangel is away. At first Jane is reluctant saying that she can look after herself. But Clive gently argues that Mrs Mangel has been under a lot of pressure and it would be a lot off her mind. Jane finally agrees and Clive kisses Susan and leaves. Jane comments that the two of them really seem to get on. Susan laughs and looks dreamy and says that going home to a guy like Clive makes working for Paul almost bearable (Awww bless)
Robinson House
Paul is lying on the coach absentmindedly flicking through the stations on the TV when Jim comes in and tells him that lunch is on the table and if he is worried about getting back to work he is able to stay. Paul insists he is Ok and he wants to stay and make sure Helen is alright. Jim tells Paul to forget about it, none of them knew what Ralph Drew was up to. Paul replies that should have put two and two together and that he hopes the Police don't want to question Helen anymore. As he feels that she isn't up to anymore questioning. Helen comes in and says that she isn't sure about that she thought she was a tough old bird.
Paul puts his arms around Helen and gently escorts her to the couch, telling her to sit down and take it easy. Helen just scoffs and says that World War II was much worse. Paul replies not by much it wasn't. Helen tells them to stop fussing she is perfectly all right.
Lucy comes in carrying a tray and tells Helen she should not be up. Helen wants to know why not and Lucy replies that she wanted to bring the tray to her in bed. Helen starts to get irritated with all the attention and insists that there is nothing wrong with her and that she will be in to work first thing in the morning. She then goes to tell Jim that if Scott is going to take his driving test tomorrow then he better go off and give him a lesson. Jim says that he thought it could wait. Helen says not on her account.
Clive's Surgery
Madge is waiting for Clive as he returns, she asks him about the condition of Dan. Clive tells her that he is unable to discuss his condition without Dan's consent. Madge feels that things must be serious. Clive reassures her that until the tests results come back he has no idea what his condition is. Madge is far from happy as she doesn't know what to expect. Clive is sure that Dan will tell her once the results are know, but Madge feels she is the last person he will tell. She just isn't sure how Edna is going to cope.
Ramsay House
Madge arrives home to find Dan watching the television in his normal grumpy state. She wants to know where Shane is as he was supposed to wait until she got back. Dan tells her he doesn't know; he isn't his keeper. Madge rushes around tiding up as she tells Dan that she has been to see Clive about him. Dan wants to know why she would do a thing like that. Madge tells him that she is his daughter and has a right to know if he is ill because she cares. Dan replies "In a pig's eye you do...You are just after Aunt Maud's inheritance"
Madge denies it and tells him that if he has a problem she wants to know what it is. Grumpily Dan asks what Clive had to say. Madge says that Clive didn't say much but she got the impression that it was serious. Dan snaps that Clive had no right to blab. Madge argues back "Are you going to tell me what is wrong or am I going to have to drag it out of you?" Dan snaps back that she should put a sock in it he doesn't have to tell her anything. Madge snaps back "You stupid old goat I have a good mind to..." Dan cuts her off and tells her to stop because she isn't going to get anything out of him, including that money if she isn't very careful.
Madge exasperates and replies that he has always been a cranky old man. She is starting to believe that he was born that way. How Mum puts up with you she really doesn't know. Dan replies that he doesn't mind getting his own way once in a while but it is something she will just have to put up with for the time being. Madge goes off irritated at him as Dan turns the television back on.
Paul's Office
Susan and Jane are going through some paperwork, they decided everything is correct. Susan suggests that it is high time that they had their lunch break and what shall they have. Jane says that one of Daphne's quiches would be good.
Paul comes in and asks if everything is ok, Susan tells him that it is. Jane tells him that Shane had telephoned and she is pleased to hear that Mrs Daniels is alright. Paul assures them that she is ok and will be back to work tomorrow. Susan thinks that after her ordeal that maybe she should rest for a few days. Paul snaps at her that when he needs her opinion on family matters he will ask for them. He continues that she should take a leaf out of Jane's book and get back to work. Susan informs him that she just about to take her lunch break. Paul snaps back that it will have to wait as he has some dictation he wants her to take.
Walking into Paul's inner office Susan says to Paul that it is about time they did some straight talking. Paul firmly tells her that it is about time that she showed him some respect. If he wants her to do some dictation that is exactly what she will do unless she wants to look for another job.
Susan quietly tells him that is what he wants her to do, isn't it, leave. He had said yesterday that he was going to decide whether or not he was going to fire her, so if he better get on with it. Paul quietly tells her that he was made his decision and that she is fired.
Susan turns and leaves the inner office and goes to pick up her handbag. Paul follows her and leans on the door frame and tells Susan that she can collect her final pay at the end of the week. Without uttering another word Susan leaves the office.
Paul turns to Jane and says that the job is hers is she wants it. Jane informs him that she has already told him that she wouldn't take Susan's job. Paul tells Jane that misplaced loyalty isn't going to get her anywhere. She won't get as good a offer anywhere else and that she should think about it.
Robinson House
Helen is all jittery arranging flowers in the kitchen, as Jim shouts that Madge is here to see her. Madge apologises to Jim for bothering Helen at this time, but she is at her wit's end with Dan. Jim doesn't know if Helen is up to heart to hearts at the moment. Helen joins them and tells him to stop fussing. Jim suddenly finds he has some urgent business to do in the garage.
Madge thinks Helen copes so well in any crisis that the whole of Ramsay Street could be wiped out by a tidal wave and it would not faze her one bit. Helen just smiles and asks what the problem is. Madge explains about Dan and his possible medical problem that she can't get anything out of him. She knows there is a problem but he just tells her to mind her own business. Helen tells her that some people find it very difficult to tell people when they are in trouble they take it as a sign of weakness. Dan has always been very proud of his independence.
Madge argues that she would do anything she could to help. Helen assures her that Dan knows that but the more she pushes the more he will back away.
Clive's House.
Susan is unpacking the shopping and is annoyed with herself for walking into the situation with Paul. Clive tells her to take her anger out on Sam's old teddy. Susan just ignores him. Clive tells her to take it easy for a while; he is earning enough for the both of them. But Susan isn't happy about this and Clive backs down.
Jane arrives and apologises for being late but Paul wanted her to stay back late. Susan bitterly says that firing her obviously hasn't given him cause to change his mind then. Clive diplomatically changes the subject by telling Jane that they were just about to start dinner, Jane offers to help. Susan declines her help and asks if Paul has offered Jane, her job yet. Shyly Jane says that he has but that she hasn't accepted yet. Susan tells her that she shouldn't be put off by what happened to her, it is a good job. Jane feels awkward and says that she might just pop home to get some clothes.
As Jane leaves Clive tells Susan that there is no need to take it out on Jane it isn't her fault. Near to tears Susan tells him that he doesn't have to keep reminding her how stupid she was; she already knows.
Ramsay House
Dan comes wandering into the kitchen and asks Madge what she is cooking. Madge tells him it is meatloaf (Yuk) Dan starts whinging that he can't stand meatloaf it gives him terrible indigestion. Shane reminds Dan that he had it the last time he was here. Dan says and now look at the state of me! Shane tells Dan that he doesn't think there is a thing wrong with him and ruffles his hair. Dan tells him that he doesn't know everything. Shane tells him that he knows he is giving Auntie Madge a hard time when she doesn't deserve it. Dan just replies that she will be well rewarded when he is gone.
Madge insists that it is not the money she is worried about that it is him. Dan just replies grumpily "That will be the day!" Shane says that the only think wrong with him is his over active imagination. Dan just points at Madge and says he needs one if he is going to believe a word that comes out of her mouth. Madge gives up and tells Shane to leave his grandfather read his newspaper in peace.
Shane whispers to Madge that she can't be fooled by the way he is carrying on. Madge just whispers back that she thinks it would be a good idea if he stayed out of it. Shane says that he gives up that he is going to go for a ride on his bike. Madge tells him not to be too long as she is just about to put some steak on. Dan pipes up that she must want that money pretty badly.
Clive's House
Clive has his nose in a cook book and looking into a saucepan on the shove. He mumbles "simmer over a low heat" he decides that is going to take too long so he will skip that bit and turns the heat up.
Jane arrives carrying an arm full of clothes and a case. Clive wants to know if she has everything, Jane tells him that if she hasn't she will have to make do; she doesn't want to run the risk of running into Shane. Clive wants to know if he is making a nuisance of himself. Jane just shrugs and says "Sort of" Clive tells her that her grandmother had asked him to keep him away from her; is that what she wants him to do? Jane replies that it seems so petty, it isn't that she never wants to speak to Shane or Mike again. It is just that she needs time to think about work and where she is heading. Clive agrees that she needs to do that in peace. Jane says just for a while. Clive tells her that "No worries Clive protector of damsels in distress will keep all heroes at bay" Jane giggles.
Clive calls Susan down for dinner. Jane wants to know if Susan is still angry with her. Clive reassures her Susan is angrier with herself than anyone else. She didn't mean to take it out on her. Clive tells her that if she wants it she should take the job with Paul then go ahead don't worry about what anyone else thinks. She has the right to be happy. Jane shrugs and says "You mean don't let anyone bulldoze me" Clive nods in agreement. Jane continues "I suppose that includes Shane" Clive says he will do his best to keep Shane away but it would be much simpler if she told him herself. Jane shyly looks down and says she will try but she doesn't think he will take No for an answer.
Clive's House (Next morning)
Clive is saying that if he goes with Susan that he won't start anything. Susan insists that she can look after herself. She is just going into the office to pick up her pay. Jane suggests that she could pick up her pay for her but Susan tells her that she left her cheque book in her desk and she will need it today. Clive offers to give her some money but Susan won't accept it.
There is a knock at the door and Shane comes in wanting to see Jane. He had seen Jane come across the previous evening and comments that Mrs Mangel is away. Shane asks to see Jane. Very quietly Clive tells him that he can't see her at the moment. Shane is taken aback as Clive tells him that he promised Mrs Mangel that he would not let Shane see Jane while she was away. Shane can not believe it; he says that he will take that from Jane but not from him. Clive insists that Mrs Mangel left strict instructions that he was not to see Jane. Shane says that if he wants to see Jane he will. He takes a step forward and Clive lightly pushes back. Clive tells Shane not in this house. Shane wants to know if he also left strict instructions about Mike as well. Clive tells him she didn't. Shane gets annoyed and says "what's the use" and leaves in a strop.
Susan says that Shane didn't like that very much and Clive says that he didn't either as Jane comes out from hiding in the kitchen.
Ramsay House
Madge is cooking brekkie (Bacon & Eggs) and is calling for Dan. After several calls he comes in moaning about Charlene hogging the bathroom. Madge tells him that she has only been in there five minutes. Dan corrects her saying it has been 17 minutes but who is counting. Madge tells him that she has several job interviews today so has to look her best. Dan thinks that she was minding Lucy. Madge says that she is but only for an hour or two this morning.
Shane comes in still in a strop about what happened at Clive's. Dan wants to know what is up; he looks as bad as his breakfast. Shane tells him that Clive has just thrown him out of his house as Mrs Mangel has given Clive strict instructions to keep her away from Jane. Madge thinks that maybe he should keep away until at least Mrs Mangel comes back. Dan pipes up that there is no reason why Shane can't visit Jane at the office.
Shane immediately perks up and says that he has every right to be in the office and that Dan's blood is good enough to bottle. As Shane rushes out, Madge calls after him that he shouldn't go and start making trouble. She turns and tells Dan to eat his breakfast before it gets cold. Dan replies that she will have to lift her game if she wants the money. Madge exasperates and says "but he loves a fry-up" Dan tells her that it is too salty and could be have some bran. Madge is dumbfounded...Bran!
Robinson House
Helen obviously distressed is on the phone telling the caller that she has told him repeatedly not to phone...and please don't write there is no point. She hangs up quickly as Lucy comes into the kitchen. Lucy asks if that is the man from America. Helen tells her firmly that she has told her before that it is none of her business.
Helen opens her briefcase and gives Lucy a book saying isn't it Marcie's birthday party today. Lucy says that it is no boys allowed and asks if the book is her present. Helen tells her it is that she didn't have time to wrap it so Lucy will have to do that. It isn't the one she asked for but it is the closest one she could find so it will have to do. Lucy tells her that it is no good she will have to take it back. Helen says that Marcie won't notice the difference. Lucy insists that she has told Marcie all about it and this isn't the one she wants. Helen tells her that this was the only one she could find it the shop. Lucy slams the book down and says she should have gone to another shop. Helen gets angry and says that Lucy must never speak to her like that again. She is a rude ungrateful girl and that she is fed up with her and starts to shake her as Jim comes in and wants to know what is wrong.
Helen is apologises and says she lost her temper, but Jim wants to know what Lucy did. Lucy starts crying and says she didn't do anything. Helen tells Jim that she didn't deserve it. Turning to Lucy Helen says that she is sorry and will she forgive her...They hug one another.
Jim suggests he rings Paul and says that she was going to have a few days off. But Helen insists she is alright. After she has left Jim suggests to Lucy that she takes it easy on her for a while she has been through a lot recently. Lucy says she knows that she just gets cross all the time. Jim says that he will take her over to the Ramsay house while he gives Scott a driving lesson. Lucy wants to know if he will pass, Jim crosses his fingers and smiles. Lucy hopes that maybe if he passes it will make Helen happy again.
Paul's Office
Paul hands Susan an envelope telling her that he has included her termination pay as he wouldn't want her to go short. Susan takes it and says that she only has a few things to collect then she will be out of his way. Paul sarcastically says that does she realise that is going to be very difficult for her to find another job. Susan tells him that she might not bother after all she and Clive are getting married soon. Paul says "Oh yes then you can chuck in your whole career. Who needs to work when you have a husband raking in the cash" Susan replies "How dare you speak to me like that" Paul wants to know what the matter is can't she take the truth. Susan replies "The truth is Paul you can't stand the thought of me marring Clive. He is worth a thousand of you and if you had of his good nature you might still be happily married" She then excuses herself and walks out.
Shane walks in as Susan walks out and wants to know what is up with her. Paul ignores his comments and wants to know what he is doing there. Shane reminds Paul that it is his office as well; he has his name on the door and everything. Shane says "Gidday" to Jane. Paul says that if Shane has some business then he should get on with it, but if he is just here to chat up his secretary then he should get out. She hasn't got time for it and neither have I.
Helen arrives and wants to know what is going on. Paul tells her that Shane is trying to disrupt the office. Shane points out again that it is also his office too, that he pays his share of the rent he can come here any time he wants to. Paul tells him that is what he thinks he has one second to say hello to Jane and either get on with his business or get out. Jane interrupts and says she hasn't got time to speak to Shane now she has to go to the post office and leaves. Shane starts to go after Jane, But Paul tells him "there you go now you have no reason to be here why don't you get out" They both start to argue very loudly when they are interrupted by Helen shouting at the pair of them "Stop it you two...I have had enough...I just can't take it anymore."
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Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0406
Shane Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0406
Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons, Susan Cole

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0406
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0406
Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Clive Gibbons, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0406
Clive Gibbons, Madge Mitchell

Dan Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0406
Dan Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0406
Paul Robinson, Jane Harris, Susan Cole

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0406
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Madge Mitchell

Jane Harris, Susan Cole, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0406
Jane Harris, Susan Cole, Clive Gibbons

Dan Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0406
Dan Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0406
Jane Harris, Clive Gibbons

Clive Gibbons, Susan Cole, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0406
Clive Gibbons, Susan Cole, Shane Ramsay

Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0406
Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson

Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0406
Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0406
Helen Daniels

<<0405 - 0407>>
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